Tribute Video Production

Unlike a photo album that only provides static memories, the TRIBUTE DVD is the perfect medium to join together all the testimonials made in tribute to the deceased loved one.

This audio-visual production can contain pictures, family testimonies, written texts and the music of your choice. It can include pre-filmed shots from our bank of videos such as nature sceneries, flowers, rivers and waterfalls…. We can also include shots of the deceased person’s home, church, school or any other of their favourite places. (Extra fees can be charged for this last request.)

The TRIBUTE DVD can be seen during the funeral ceremony or at any other private setting. Be aware that we have a minimum 48 hours delay for the production of this video. We count on your participation for furnishing us with all the pictures, documents and information in order to deliver your DVD in a good delay.

The TRIBUTE DVD is, for sure, an invaluable and beautiful heritage to preserve. It will keep the memories of your loved one alive forever and will make sure they never truly are forgotten.

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