Testimonial Video Production

Have you ever thought of leaving a testimonial about your life? It can be a wonderful adventure to go back in time and look at what you want to pass on to your future generations. Life is precious and when grandchildren start making their appearance, it becomes more important for some of us to pass on our knowledge, story or message.

The TESTIMONIAL DVD allows you to share your experiences with your own voice and in your own way. It allows you to transmit your values, to speak about your time period and to express your views on life and the world.

We will accompany you through all the process of creating your TESTIMONIAL DVD in order to reflect your personality and all the memories of your life. We can include pictures, videos, anecdotes of you, a message you want to deliver and a lot more.

One of our specialists will meet you, in your home or at any other location, for a two-hour appointment. The rest of the DVD production will progress within our studio. Respect, confidentiality and quality guide us throughout all the process.

Be the artisan of your own portrait!

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