Family Biography Video Production

In such a materialistic world, with so few guiding principles, people want to find out about their roots. The FAMILY BIOGRAPHY DVD allows you to keep the link between generations.

Since you are the memory of your family, who else but you can best describe your family ancestors and their story? You have known and loved them, so don’t let the souvenir of them be forgotten and unheard by your children, grandchildren and further generations.

We can help you organize the history of your life with pictures, anecdotes, testimonies of family members, family videos and narrations. Your family biography will be personalized in order to pass on your history, culture and values.

For the producing of your FAMILY BIOGRAPHY DVD, one of our specialists will be going to your house for a two-hour meeting. The editing of your film will then be done in our studio. The whole process is done with respect and confidentiality.

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